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Transforming Yourself as a Teacher

Almost everyone has a memory of that one teacher that sparked something in them, an interest in math, a love of music, a create piece of poetry.  How do these teachers get there? Practice and awareness. Edutopia has a great article on becoming a transformational...

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Read: Taming the Email Demon

With hundreds of students emailing us from multiple accounts dealing with student emails can be an over whelming task. Help yourself and your students by setting email ground rules at the start of the semester. These rules can easily be added to your syllabus or...

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Finals are Coming! Tips for Your Students

It’s that time of year again. Finals are approaching! Besides studying, there are some other important strategies students can use to increase their chance of success on these cumulative exams. Sharing these strategies with your students can help them not only in your...

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Math Career Spotlight: Michael LaMarca

What is your current job/career? Technical Operations Manager at Sunnova Energy Corp. I am responsible for the the energy simulation and monitoring of over 43,000 residential solar systems. How do you use math or mathematical problem solving in your work? How does...

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Burnout- Busters:  Holiday Break Refresher

Winter break can be hard, we go from the chaos of the end of the semester right into the December Holidays and preparation for the spring. Here are a few suggestions to help refresh and relax. Give yourself a day free of “shoulds” - We all have a list of things we...

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