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Tips for Students with Math Avoidance

Whether is due to math anxiety, math hatred, math phobia, or just poor choices, many students put off their math until their last semester and then say, “I need to pass this class to graduate. Ironically, this makes the course even more high stakes and adds to the...

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Identifying At-risk Students

Student behavior tends to settle into a pattern after the first few weeks of classes. Around week three or four of the semester would be a good time to pull a report to identify students engaging in behavior that could impair their chance of success in the course. ...

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Faculty-Approved Student Web Resources

We know that students like to use the internet for help with their homework and alternative explanations of course material.  Since the internet is filled with good and bad mathematical explanations and examples, students don’t usually know where to go for the most...

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Math Travel Sites Around the World

Mathematical travel: Virtually! One of the beautiful and perhaps underappreciated aspects of mathematics is its appearance in subtle ways throughout our world.  Most people are aware that the nautilus shell forms a logarithmic spiral and that the golden ratio...

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The Notebook: a Student’s Best Friend

We all know that if students are organized and keep a notebook it, can really help ease anxiety for quizzes and exams. Assigning a small part of your grade to a notebook can really help in this regard. We all know students rarely do optional work; so if you’re not...

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Top Five Math Career Tips

Are you or someone you know thinking about a position outside of academia?  Searching for a corporate position requires diligence and a bit of leg work. It is not always obvious how academic skills translate to the business world. On top of that most industries have...

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Top Ten Summer School Tips

Summer school offers different set of challenges than during the regular school year; a condensed shorter time frame and perhaps more frequent meetings might be just two of these challenges. Whatever the format, we’ve pulled together ten tips to help make your summer...

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