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What Made you LOVE Math?

Can you remember what made you first love math? My guess is it was not the quadratic formula. If you are anything like me it was patterns, puzzles, cool number tricks, and not math class that got you interested in mathematics. I saw a book titled “Math Recess” by...

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Data that Delivers

When our understanding of the world is based solely on daily news, which is often focused on single events, we risk ignoring the long-lasting changes that impact and reshape our world. If you're like us, you're always looking for new ways to engage students and help...

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ALEKS Insights is Here!

ALEKS Insights alerts you to students who are at risk of failure, helping them to intervene in a timely and effective manner. This latest tool uses artificial intelligence to analyze student performance data and “nudge” you with alerts that indicate which students are...

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Combating Math Myths

A recent article in Forbes magazine showcases a series of infographics that highlight high school students’ views of math. What stands out from the survey is the perpetuation of perhaps the three most common math myths:  Math does not apply to the real world...

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Student Legacy Letters

By: Kelly Jackson As you wrap up your spring term, you’re probably noticing many of your students have one foot out the door. But, there are still some ways you can hold their attention before they flee for summer break! A great wrap-up exercise is to have your...

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