Accessibility We have been making great strides in meeting today’s accessibility standards. We are happy to share that accommodations for visually impaired students are now available in ALEKS College Algebra, Trigonometry, and PreCalculus. This means that students can use these courses with a screen reader.  Students with arm and hand mobility issues can also use ALEKS with a keyboard. To learn more, see page 9 of the ALEKS Quick Start Guide.

MH_ConnectMath_logoConnect Math Hosted by ALEKS (CHBA)

Late Submittal:  Tired of hearing “the dog ate my homework” excuse from students? Your CHBA assignments now have a Late Submittal option, which will allow students to continue working on assignments after the deadline, but with an optional penalty decided by you. To learn more, see page 15 of the CHBA Quick Start Guide.

SmartBook Assignment Enhancements:  Last year we integrated SmartBook access with Connect Hosted by ALEKS so students and instructors could easily use both systems. We continue to enhance this integration as we collect valuable feedback from our customers. One enhancement we are happy to share is instructors can assign SmartBook assignments at the chapter, section, and sub-section levels. Now they can have multiple assignments per chapter! To learn more, see pages 22-23 of the CHBA Quick Start Guide.