ALEKS Insights alerts you to students who are at risk of failure, helping them to intervene in a timely and effective manner. This latest tool uses artificial intelligence to analyze student performance data and “nudge” you with alerts that indicate which students are showing risky behaviors.

Read what Professor Tuan Dean from Triton College in River Grove, IL has to say about his experience with ALEKS Insights:

“As a math professor, my experience with ALEKS Insights has been exciting. This innovative learning tool addresses the common characteristics and learning patterns of my students, and is a proactive support to my classroom instruction. In the past I would have to recognize and research, through several reports, my students’ instructional needs, which was time consuming.  But Insights gives me a “one stop shop” for pinpointing my students’ needs.  It also gives me a better understanding of my students’ learning behaviors, which is critical to their success and to the course’s academic mission. I can better prepare classroom lectures and target specific competencies with individuals.

Developmental mathematics students, especially, need additional encouragement to meet their academic goals; Insights addressed those issues.  Another advantage to using ALEKS Insights is that it can help guide your professional development of future curriculum, instruction, assessment, and classroom climate. But the best advantage of Insights is that it provides a better way to connect with your students and improve your teaching and learning practices; because it is important for educators to have a sense of how their students are performing within ALEKS.”

Access ALEKS Insights by logging into your ALEKS Instructor Module. Or, talk to your ALEKS specialist or McGraw-Hill representative for help on utilizing this new tool. You can also check out the research behind this latest release.