You may have heard that McGraw-Hill’s ALEKS program won a 2019 Digital Edge 50 Award, but did you know why? Imagine if your adaptive learning platform automatically alerted you to risky student learning behavior… before it was too late!

Available in mid-June, ALEKS Insights is the latest tool that uses artificial intelligence to analyze student performance data and “nudge” instructors with alerts that indicate which students are showing risky behaviors. Instructors can then use this information to work with those students.

The tool highlights to instructors the following potential problem areas to instructors:

  • Topics Failed: Content students have attempted multiple times without success.
  • Learning Decreased: Students who show a significant drop in successful learning despite continuous time spent in the system.
  • Unusual Learning: Students who show a significant increase compared to previous learning, which may signify students not doing their own work.
  • Procrastination & Cramming: Students whose time spent in ALEKS varies, showing long periods of inactivity followed by high bursts of activity.

CLICK HERE to get a sneak peek at how ALEKS Insights will work. You can also  learn more about the research behind ALEKS Insights.