Summer is here and many of us use this time not only to take a break from the rigors of the classroom or administration but also to hone our teaching and other skills.   Organizations such as MAA and AMATYC and NCTYM have archives of webinars and also host summer camps for professional development, but there are other resources that can be utilized to sharpen our craft and just learn for fun.

  • SkillShare, as the name implies, is a platform where by people share skills, although topics tend to be focused on business applications certain topics can be useful in a classroom setting.
    • Requires sign-up and nominal monthly fee
  • Linkedin’s course site. Learning paths range from How to become a photographer, to online learning, to becoming a programmer.
    • Requires sign-in and monthly fee
  • is one of the original mooc sites. Courses from a range of school are offered from Caltech and Duke to the University of London. Free and pay for certificate courses are offered.

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