Winter break can be hard, we go from the chaos of the end of the semester right into the December Holidays and preparation for the spring. Here are a few suggestions to help refresh and relax.

  • Give yourself a day free of “shoulds” – We all have a list of things we “should” be doing, instead put aside that list and take a day to do something for yourself –  binge watch a TV show, have a snowball fight with your kids, read that book you’ve been putting off.  All the things we should do will still be there tomorrow.
  • Get in touch with the outside – Research shows that just a few minutes of being outside among natural environments or listening to nature sounds can help the mind de-stress.  If you can get outside even a short walk in a park, or bird watching can help calm the nervous system. And if you are stuck indoors, you can find a host of nature sounds online that you can stream.
  • Try a massage – Massages are often thought of an indulgence and extravagant. But in fact there are a variety of options ranging from a simple foot or shoulder massage to full body that are inexpensive and can help us relax without spending several hours and breaking the bank.  Look for local massage schools offering discounted massages by students in training, massage chains offering holiday specials, and Groupons by local massage therapists.