We share great advice to our students about time management and preparation, here we tweak that advice to help YOU prepare for the spring semester.

  • Spring Clean in December.  To prep for the new year and a new semester go through the accumulation of papers.  Use the three pile method: shred, must keep, and recycle.  Each department has a timeline for keeping student work. Know your timeline and discard each semester as appropriate. This helps keep your office clutter free and frees up space.
  • Pre-prep syllabi and other first day materials – If you know what classes you will be teaching in the spring, take a moment at the end of fall semester to prepare your syllabi.  Having all documents ready when you return from break can help ease you into the next semester.
  • Take a moment to reflect – Take a moment to think about what went right, what went wrong, what surprised you.  Identifying points of change when they are clear in our mind can help us improve in the future. Several digital platforms offer reports to review the most challenging learning objectives, most missed questions, and test-item analysis so you can review which homework, reading and test items may need revisions based on student responses.