We know that students like to use the internet for help with their homework and alternative explanations of course material.  Since the internet is filled with good and bad mathematical explanations and examples, students don’t usually know where to go for the most effective and correct help.   To help you help your students we did some of the heavy lifting and reviewed several sites so you can provide students with quality resources they can use to supplement their learning.

  • Math TV hosts reviews and video lessons on topics from basic math to calculus. Students can search videos by topic and by textbook. https://www.mathtv.com/
  • Virtual Nerd offers free video lessons on topics ranging from basic math to algebra and geometry, each lesson includes a printable video summary. http://virtualnerd.com/
  • The Organic Chemistry Tutor has an algebra playlist that covers the most common algebra sticking points, and includes practice problems and worked solutions. https://bit.ly/2IFjPb8
  • Texas Instruments provides free tutorials for their most commonly used graphing calculators. https://bit.ly/2x2oCC6
  • The Desmos online graphing calculator is a good resource for students waiting to purchase a graphing calculator. https://www.desmos.com/
  • That Quiz allows students to practice mathematical drills by creating their own quizzes. Students can choose the number and type of question and even set a timer. https://www.thatquiz.org/