It’s that time of year again. Finals are approaching! Besides studying, there are some other important strategies students can use to increase their chance of success on these cumulative exams. Sharing these strategies with your students can help them not only in your math classes, but their other classes as well.

  1. Know your exam characteristics
    • Multiple choice, free response?
    • Paper and pencil, computer?
    • How many questions?
    • How much time?
  2. Know your exam grading scheme
    • Will items be equally weighted?
      • If no, do higher point values first
    • Is partial credit available?
  3. Know your exam content
    • Does the exam cover all chapters or just part of the course (for example, since the midterm?
    • Are all items on the final problem types that appeared on previous tests?
    • Is there a study guide, sample exam, or previous exam available?
  4. Know your exam materials
    • Can any references be used such as notes, book, formula card, tables?
    • Can a calculator be used?
    • Is the test on a Scantron where specific pencils are needed?
    • Is any type of ruler, protractor, compass, etc. needed?