Just for Fun

Math isn’t just for the classroom! Check out what other instructors are recommending for movies, music, podcasts, articles, and even shopping… all with a math twist!

What Made you LOVE Math?

Can you remember what made you first love math? My guess is it was not the quadratic formula. If you are anything like me it was patterns, puzzles, cool number tricks, and not math class that got you interested in mathematics. I saw a book titled “Math Recess” by...

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Data that Delivers

When our understanding of the world is based solely on daily news, which is often focused on single events, we risk ignoring the long-lasting changes that impact and reshape our world. If you're like us, you're always looking for new ways to engage students and help...

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You Deserve a Vacation

For the past five months you’ve dealt with (fill in the blank with your stresses here). You deserve a vacation! If you’ve got a trip planned already or are thinking of getting away for the weekend, here are some tips on getting those travel discounts for teachers....

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Just for Fun: Let’s Volunteer this Summer

It’s the last day of class. What do you and your students have planned for the summer? More school? A part-time job or internship? How about a nice, long, quiet vacation or binge watching the latest hit show? These are common ways to keep your summer days full, but...

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Read: Weapons of Math Destruction, by Cathy O’Neil

In Weapons of Math Destruction O’Neil offers a look at how algorithms are being used to regulate people. For example, if an inmate is up for parole, a computer algorithm might be used to determine their fate. If you’ve ever wondered how Amazon tells you what “you...

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Read: New Releases at a Bookshelf (or Kindle) Near You!

Searching for a new book to read on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Check out Amazon for new releases in mathematics! See how math connects to football, art, the secrets of the universe and scientific paradoxes. Here are some new titles you can look forward to reading:...

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Shop: Math-Based Games for Game Night!

Who says math should stay in the classroom? Try these games to liven up game night with a little math twist! Prime Climb – Use arithmetic skills to work your way winning. Quirkle – Shape and color-based strategy matching game. Go big and try Quirkle cubes. Dominos –...

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Math Pays off . . . Big Time!

Though most mathematicians would agree that playing the lottery is not a good investment strategy, a husband-and-wife team found it to be hugely profitable by hauling in almost $27 million. How? read more