M.A.T.H. Tips: Vol. 10

Summer Reads for Math Lovers

Accessorize your reading list with a new math-inspired beach towel and the most stylish math nerd eyeglasses we have seen!


  1. The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure – Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Rotraut Susanne Berner (Illustrator), Michael Henry Heim (Translator), A young boy learns to love mathematics through dreams.
  2. Proof: The Science of Booze – Adam Rogers, Delve into the science behind the production and refinement of alcohol.
  3. Sync – Steven H. Strogatz, The story of the mathematics behind synchronization in systems large and small.
  4. More Math Recs can be found in our other Indexed Posts!

Looking for another way to relax?  Try some mathematical coloring


Listen: Talk Nerdy, Women in Math and Other Stuff We Should Know


Listen Up!  Grab your headphones and enjoy these podcasts on your next walk, commute or long drive!

  1. Talk Nerdy – Interviews with a range of scientists and other interesting people. https://soundcloud.com/talk-nerdy
  2. Women in Math: The Limit Does Not Exist – Podcast featuring biographies and interviews with women mathematicians. http://apple.co/2tcZNwz
  3. Stuff you should Know -Podcast covering how things work from genes to landfills. http://www.stuffyoushouldknow.com/podcasts

Watch: Popcorn, Couch…Movie


Try these recs on your next evening of taking in a new movie.

Eureka – TV show about a secret small town of geniuses and their down to earth sheriff.

The Code -The Story of Math – Documentary about the power of numbers and the story of Math.

The Theory of Everything – The romance of Cambridge University student, and future physicist, Stephen Hawking with fellow collegian Jane Wilde.

Co-Requisites: Not sure where to start?

BLD153390 Are you running or considering implementing a co-requisite course? We can help you address common challenges:

  • Student Preparedness
  • Class Setup Guidance
  • Just-in-time adaptive tools
  • Expertise from MHE and a network of your peers

New Co-Requisite Courses and Tools are now available.

  • Co-Requisite support courses in Connect Math Hosted by ALEKS for College Algebra, College Algebra w/Trig, Statistics and Quantitative Reasoning
  • Co-Requisite support courses in ALEKS for College Algebra, College Algebra w/Trig and Quantitative Reasoning
  • Co-Requisite workbook for College Algebra
  • Co-Requisite workbook for Statistics
  • Co-Requisite workbook for Quantitative Reasoning

MH_ALEKS_logoContact Kim Marsden Moreno, Director of ALEKS Implementation  email kmoreno@aleks.com

Shop: Science & Math Meet Happy Hour!

  1. 198318167Try some science themed wine with “Educated Guess.”  The label has a story of its own and will launch conversation before the bottle is opened.  http://www.rootsrundeep.com/educated_guess.html
  2. You never knew you needed a Klein bottle bottle opener… until now. http://bit.ly/2ro8qEk
  3. Cool math tumblers for lounging by the pool. http://bit.ly/2rnRvBE
  4. Advertise your skills with a Math Whisper T-shirt. http://bit.ly/2pHByZQ