M.A.T.H. Tips: Vol. 11

Inspiration for Back to School

Inspiration for Back to School

The start of a new school year is upon us! As you head back for the Fall semester here are some tried and true tips and tricks to kick-off your classes.

  1. Success Orientation – Have a Student Success Orientation the first week of class. Show your student the tools they need to be successful in their math course.  On your LMS set up a folder for articles and videos for good study habits. Level up: Set aside the last few minutes of a class to help students set-up study groups.
  2. Bootcamp – The first few weeks of classes office hours can be empty. In lieu of office hours, once a week offer a bootcamp to help students brush up on their skills.
  3. Mini introductions – Students succeed when they make connections with other students in class. Rather than going through the entire class the first day try having small groups of students introduce themselves over the first few weeks so it’s not overwhelming.
  4. Policy Review – As you review your syllabus and class policies for the upcoming semester ask “Does this promote student success and learning?”  If not, re-think the policy.
  5. Syllabus Quiz – Many of the emails instructors get can be answered by a quick check of the syllabus or course website. The second or third week of classes have a pop syllabus quiz.  Create the quiz around the most commonly asked student questions.

Don’t-Miss Resources for Back to School

Teacher and student sitting together with digital tablet and laptopMaking it Stick! Mixing old with new holds like glue:     http://ww2.kqed.org/mindshift/2014/10/28/how-relearning-old-concepts-alongside-new-ones-makes-it-all-stick/

Tell or Teaching: A New Lecturing Paradigm  http://www.aare.edu.au/publications-database.php/3103/telling-or-teaching-towards-a-new-lecturing-paradigm

Don’t forget you can always access our teaching  tips on the M.A.T.H. Tips  A-Z Index.  Browse by topic area and what’s working best for your students.  Access Index


Back to School Shopping for Your Office or Classroom

355383272Add a little fun to your office or classroom with these mathematics inspired items. Check out the “It’s on the syllabus” t-shirt to wear to class or giveaway to one student after they all complete their “Syllabus Quiz” in your LMS assignment!

  1. Math Wall Clock: View here on Amazon
  2. Map of Mathematics Poster: Visit here on Redbubble
  3. Great Women of Mathematics Poster: View here on Etsy
  4. Did you Check the Syllabus? Coffee Mug: View on Lookhuman
  5. It was on the syllabus, it’s STILL on the syllabus, it IS ALWAYS IN THE SYLLABUS T-shirt  View on Lookhuman

Help your Students Learn from the Best

217872049Love of math is not the sole requirement for success in a math course. Top math students surveyed have a group of strategies they use to achieve success.  Here are some great ideas to share with your students during your success orientation.  Explore the article and on Success Best Practices.

Or view the complete survey results from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) survey sponsored by The Moody’s Foundation, the philanthropic arm of the credit-rating and analytics company.

The Mathematics of Reality

DBF0W3As educators, we are always looking for ways to help our students connect to the content we teach by exploring the world around us for inspiration. The Mathematics of Reality packs that inspiration into an hour, long documentary explaining how math underlies our reality and appears in everything from flower petals, video games, music, to space.

You’re sure to find a few examples to share with your students this semester.  Watch Now