What is your current job/career?

Technical Operations Manager at Sunnova Energy Corp.

I am responsible for the the energy simulation and monitoring of over 43,000 residential solar systems.

How do you use math or mathematical problem solving in your work? How does your math background help you in your job?

I do a tremendous amount of data analysis and mathematical modeling so my math background is definitely used in those areas. I feel my math training really helps me in asking and answering the correct questions that address business needs.

What motivated you to study math?

I originally studied physics but became very interested in nonlinear dynamics and optimization and realized I would need a deeper math background in order to fully understand those areas.

What would you say to a student who is thinking about studying math but doesn’t want a typical teaching career?

I think studying math is excellent for many career paths as it develops deep critical reasoning skills and problem solving that can be used in a lot of different roles. The downside is that you will have to explain how those skills fit into a job more than someone with a more specific degree such as electrical engineering or finance.

Other advice or comments?

Learn computer programming, as it is an invaluable skill and the only way to reasonably analyze large data sets.

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