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  1. What is your current job/career?

I am the director of an inclusive preschool for children with Down syndrome and similar developmental needs.  In addition, I am the director of a resource center for families who have a member with special needs and serve as an advocate in our community.

  1. How do you use math or mathematical problem solving in your work? How does your math background help you in your job?

My graduate work prepared me for the grant writing I do to raise money.  Studying math taught me how to think and learn.  Every day I come to work requires learning and thinking.  I have certainly used problem solving skills to navigate the politics of advocacy.

  1. What motivated you to study math?

When I filled out my college application I thought I was answering a general question about what subject I liked best.  I had no idea that when I answered math I was declaring my major.  After that I kept studying math because I really enjoyed it.

  1. What would you say to a student who is thinking about studying math but doesn’t want a typical teaching career.

Math teaches you how to think and every job requires thinking.  Math prepares you for the world in so many ways but should not restrict you from exploring any type of career.

  1. Other advice or comments?

Study what you love and find a career that makes you feel joy.  I get paid to get hugs, speak for those who don’t have a voice, and make my community a better place for everybody.  What could be better than that!