When teaching children to read, no one said we can’t sneak a little math into the lesson as well. There are many children’s books with math themes.  You can have your future Elementary Teachers create a sample activity or lesson around one as an assignment.

  • Sir Cumference and the First Round Table
  • The Grapes of Math
  • Reese’sPieces Count by Five

Who could resist?!

Here’s a list of almost 200 books with math themes or connections.  Access the Excel File: Math_for_Elem_Teachers_Math and Literature

Even books that aren’t overtly about math, like The Grouchy Ladybug, can lead to math lessons. Ex. Create ladybug pictures with different spot combinations on their left and right sides. Have children compare the sides to learn about the ideas of less and more. Here’s a sample lesson based on the book:

Pinterest has loads of ideas and lesson plans connecting children’s literature with math. Have fun with it.