SuzannSuzanne_Galaydae Galayda, Lecturer at Arizona State University

I’ve been teaching 13 years. I typically teach College Algebra, Precalc, Calc and Statistics. This semester I am helping out with Physics!  I wish someone had told me that teaching math is part being an instructor, and part being a therapist– a large part of my job is emotional coaching, especially freshman.  To stay sane I hang out with my three cats and do yoga.





Dr. Kelly Jackson, Camden County College, NJ

I began teaching as a full time faculty member in 1992, focusing primarily on developmental mathematics and non-STEM college level courses. The biggest change I’ve noticed in students in that time is their current reluctance to persist, struggle, and productively fail. I wish someone had told me how important being a source a motivation would be in my job. My hobbies include reading, beekeeping, and cheering on the Phillies.