New Technology to Try in the Classroom for Quizzing, Time Management, and Group Work.

It seems that every day a new app appears to help with some facet of your life.  Many apps are tailored to in-classroom use but others, while business-focused, can also be used in the classroom setting. Here are six apps that you and your students can use to rethink how you approach learning.

  1. Quizzing – If you want to try real-time quizzing two apps can help. Both have a basic free service as well as educational pricing plans.
    1. Kahoot  is an online quizzing system that can be used for learning games and quizzes in class. No app is needed, and the basic version is free, with educational pricing plans available.
    2. Socrative  is also an online quizzing system created for the classroom, both instructors and students will need to download an app.

Check out for suggestions of some math quizzes that you can use in your classroom.

  1. Time management – Everyone can benefit from improved time management skills. There are hundreds of apps available tow we suggest trying are Trello and 2Do.
    1. Trello uses cards that can be created with lists, deliverables, and due dates
    2. 2Do is a classic list time management system, that also includes due dates, prioritization tags.


  1. Group work – If your course includes group work and you want to keep track of everyone’s participation you can use one of the many group work applications.
    1. Slack is an app good for group communications and keeping records of who is responsible for which deliverable.
    2. Google Docs are great for change management and document sharing and group document work.