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Student Legacy Letters

By: Kelly Jackson As you wrap up your spring term, you’re probably noticing many of your students have one foot out the door. But, there are still some ways you can hold their attention before they flee for summer break! A great wrap-up exercise is to have your...

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Writing Over the Summer

How many of us plan to write over the summer, get started, and then get distracted by other concerns? The cycle of intention, distraction, and frustration can be broken!  Here are a few quick tips to help you focus and complete your writing this summer. Try a...

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Shop: Math-Based Games for Game Night!

Who says math should stay in the classroom? Try these games to liven up game night with a little math twist! Prime Climb – Use arithmetic skills to work your way winning. Quirkle – Shape and color-based strategy matching game. Go big and try Quirkle cubes. Dominos –...

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Sanity Savers for April

Spring semester usually means spring break and distracted students. Whether you are post or pre-spring break, here are a few ideas to reignite the spark in your semester and recapture your student’s attention. read more

The Real Secret Behind Better Study Habits

By Suzanne Galayda How often have you spoken to a student with a bad test grade and heard “I spent hours” studying? Students often study in ways that don’t translate to retention of material. The research around student study habits indicates that the go-to methods of...

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