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Listen: Helping Students Thrive

Math professor and textbook author Sherri Messersmith joins the Double Shelix podcast to discuss how educators and schools can help students thrive - especially students who arrive in the classroom underprepared for success. Sherri's teaching philosophy incorporates...

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Watch: Genius Season One, Einstein

Featured on the National Geographic Channel or Blu Ray/DVD Unless you catch old episodes of Numbers, it isn’t easy to find a good binge-watch with a math spin. New to DVD and Blu Ray and still streaming is the first season of Genius, which focuses on the life of...

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Math News Favorites to Follow

Interesting news sources abound to help you stay current on interesting math news all summer long.  Here’s our list of favorites! Facebook News feeds: Inside Higher Ed Chronicle of Higher Education Mathematical Association of America American Mathematical Society Art...

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The Course After-action Report

After any sporting event, major project or implementation teams meet to discuss how the project went, the good and the bad.  It can be helpful to hold a course post mortem or after-action meeting with your teaching team, or just for yourself, to identify areas in...

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Summer Reads for Math Lovers

Accessorize your reading list with a new math-inspired beach towel and the most stylish math nerd eyeglasses we have seen! Read  The Number Devil: A Mathematical Adventure - Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Rotraut Susanne Berner (Illustrator), Michael Henry Heim...

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Best Practices from the Co-Req Summit

What are your plans for implementing a co-req model at your school? Get advice, hear tips & successful implementation stories from other Math Faculty during our recent Co-Req Summit.  We hosted four speakers, and you can watch these pre-recorded sessions in any...

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Math After-Hours: Lighten up & LOL

Every once in a while it’s fun to let your students see math in the real world, but math that is wrong, very wrong is a reminder that they too can help improve the world when they catch these math FAILS! Shop: Great for final exam day to have sitting on your desk!  Or...

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Course Spotlight – Calculus

Unlike lower level math courses where creating real world problems can sometimes seem a bit artificial, Calculus lends itself to including mathematical models used in fields from economics to infectious disease.  With the wide variety of models available calculus...

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