Alfred_Essa_THECUBE_InterviewMcGraw-Hill Education, the 150-year-old textbook publisher we all grew up with, is transforming education, as well as its business model, by reinventing itself as a learning science company. “What that means is we try to understand: How do people learn and how they can learn better? There are a number of domains — cognitive science, brain science, data science — and we begin to understand what are the ‘known-knowns’ and apply it to education,” revealed Alfred Essa (pictured), vice president of analytics and R&D at McGraw-Hill Education.

The goal is to shape the paradigm of student learning with learning assessments that aren’t punitive; instead, they isolate where individual students need to focus their studies. Instructors can use the data to see what adjustments need to be made for each student.  Essa’s conclusion, “we can get the most significant learning gains when we place the master teacher at the center of learning” fueled with learning science data to develop the optimal learning path.

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