Often students come to a math class with preconceived notions about their own ability to perform or understand the material and subsequently they undermine their own success in the course.   To help students overcome internalized notions about math and their own abilities you can work with them in variety of ways.  The following activities and tasks can set your students up for success.

  • As a homework assignment ask students to write about what they hope to achieve in your course and how it furthers their educational or career goals.
  • Spend five to ten minutes in class brain storming ways to succeed, have students work in groups to come up with plans for success.
  • After the first week of classes set aside five minutes at the end of class and have students form study groups.
  • Ask students to write their biggest math fear on an index card, collect the cards and discuss ways around the fear.

And you can find more good ideas at https://bit.ly/2tpXZEV