IS09AB4OZSummer is upon us and so is the start of summer classes. Whether it is shortened timelines or online classes summer courses have unique challenges. In this Tips n Tricks we present strategies to help your students get the most out of your summer course.

  1. Welcome Video – In online classes fostering a sense of community can be difficult. Try creating a short (3-5minutes) Welcome video, introducing yourself and your expectations for the course. Level up and ask your students to post their own introduction videos to the class discussion page!
  2. Daily Schedule Assignment – Summer courses tend to run on shortened schedules. Help your students manage their time by giving them a spreadheet time table and have them fill out their daily obligations. Seeing where they have free time helps students manage when they can study.
  3. Online study groups– Online students tend to do their work either late at night or early in the morning. Since we can’t always be online, help your students help themselves by creating online study group times. Using Google hangouts or Skype students can meet to work on homework and support each other through the course. This can also work for face-to face classes!
  4. Use mini-assignments – Rather than big weekly assignments daily mini-assignments can help students stay on-track. Use the online homework system to set up 10-15 question assignments that assess the material covered each day in class.
  5. Check-In emails – Summer classes require intense focus. Help make the class fun by sending out weekly check-in emails asking students how they are doing, including a fun math tip can help liven-up the mood. Alternatively, have a weekly check-in discussion thread where students can check-in with you and each other.