Professional development is one of those buzz words that floats around.  But how do we as educators find the time, money and right event or workshop to attend?   We start by identifying our goals. Do we want to network with others teaching similar courses for new ideas? Attending a conference might help us expand our knowledge. Do we want to be better at in-class active learning? Maybe an online workshop might be best. Once you make a list of what you would like to learn you can start searching for opportunities.

A variety of conferences and workshops are held throughout the year.   Many educators choose to attend in the summer due to the flexibility of their schedules but don’t rule out online workshops held in the spring.   Some places to look for upcoming events:

Also, don’t discount webinars and workshops focused on K-12 learning. While college students have different issues, understanding where problems arise at lower levels can help us teach to our students’ specific needs.

The last piece of the puzzle is funding.  Ask! You never know what your department can offer until you ask. Also, look for funding opportunities through the different organizations themselves. Many professional organizations offer grants to those who need funds to attend conferences.  And don’t forget to look for webinars and opportunities on  Monthly professional development workshops are offered on a variety of topics.