After any sporting event, major project or implementation teams meet to discuss how the project went, the good and the bad.  It can be helpful to hold a course post mortem or after-action meeting with your teaching team, or just for yourself, to identify areas in which you can improve for the next semester.

When working on an after-action report try to look at the big picture. Begin by identify the goals you wanted to accomplish during the semester. Include not only learning outcomes but any new ideas that you did or did not implement over the semester.  One you have your list of items move on to asking the following series of questions:

  • Start out with a general overview:
    • Identify what went well and what went wrong – try to keep
    • Identify the topics where students succeeded and on what topics student’s struggled
    • Review the exams what went right what went wrong
  • Next go over your lists
    • Review your list of learning outcomes – where the outcomes successful achieved? Why or why not?
    • Review your list of new ideas – Was the implementation successful? Why or why not?
  • Conclude with a summary
    • Identify areas that are successful
    • Identify areas that can be changed for the next semester.
    • List new ideas to try