It is that time of the semester again! November is month when the end seems so close, yet so far away.  It is also the month when students can easily lose focus, between overwhelming demands for their time and the Thanksgiving break

  • How do we help them stay on track and finish strong?
  • Have them write a practice test!  In groups of 3-4 assign students to write their own test questions with solutions. Compile the questions into a practice test they can use to study. For extra motivation tell them that 1-2 questions will be used on the final.
  • Give them a video assignment. Shake up the end of semester routine by asking to students to record themselves using math in real life. Have them upload a 1-2 minute video of themselves to you LMS.
  • Assign a reflection homework. Have students write a short reflection on their math journey over the semester and how successfully completing the class support their goals.
  • Try an interdisciplinary exercise.  Ask students to find examples of math in non-stem disciplines such as art, music, theatre and write (or make a video) on how math appears in other subjects.