Are you or someone you know thinking about a position outside of academia?  Searching for a corporate position requires diligence and a bit of leg work. It is not always obvious how academic skills translate to the business world. On top of that most industries have their own jargon and job positions can have entirely different names at different companies.  It can take a bit of leg-work to identify the positions that best fits your interests and skill set.   To help you get started we listed our top five career tips for starting the job hunt.

  1. Signup for career websites and mailing lists in industries of interest.  Create a LinkedIn profile with up-to-date information and skills. If you have a blog or website connect it to your LinkedIn profile.
  2. Double check your social media privacy settings. Google yourself and check out what other see when they search your name.
  3. Create a one to two-page resume highlighting your skills. You will often need more than one resume targeted to different industries.
  4. Use job postings to identify keywords used by employers and recruiters in your field of interest. Incorporate a few of these keywords in your resume and online career profile.
  5. Try informational interviews with companies in your field of interest. These can be great networking opportunities and give you a sense of if the industry is a good fit for you.

You can read more about translating your skill set to the corporate world at and  And check out our Math Career Profiles for inspiration!