We appreciate the faculty who shared their favorite teaching tips with us at our booth at AMATYC November 2017.  Take a look at these classic tips.

  1. Strive for excellence but remember that you grow from failures. – Rockward
  2. Don’t just reach out to struggling students. Explicitly praise the hard work done by the successful students too. -Sara VanAsten
  3. Remember what it’s like to not know something. -Anne Vance
  4. Make your student aware that the language of mathematics is within them. – Gus A. Seminario
  5. Share how hard your path has been to get where you are today so students can relate to you better, and see a light at the end of their path. – Kim Martells
  6. Absolutely connect the math to their lives- stories, visualizations –something they can hang on to…. Especially for developmental math. -Anonymous
  7. Always prep before class even if you’ve taught that lesson one-hundred times. Find something new to do! – D. Vu
  8. Start the day with an application problem and a math joke. -Rose Shepard
  9. Give group-work a try! -Brian Mercel
  10. Have your students do the math, not you. – Rinav Mehta

We’d love to hear your tips and content ideas for future issues!  Submit yours online for a future issue!