Our favorite must-have tips for our users of Connect Math Hosted by ALEKS (CHBA)

Time Matters!   When students find out those that are getting A’s in the class are spending XX hours a week in the system, it’s a good reality check.  Use the Time Tracker to track student habits.  Share what “schedule” your most successful students are on, and sort by total time to give struggling students a reality check.

My Dog Ate My…. Give extensions under “edit assignment” for students to have another attempt or students who you approve of giving more time. Or, you can use the Late Submission Option as you build each assignment.   The Answer Tolerance in CHBA allows instructors to set their assignments to be flexible as well.

Report ReviewThe Item Analysis Report gives you a snapshot of concepts with which students are struggling (or mastering!). This can be used to plan future class or review sessions.  The Attempts in Progress is a real-time progress tracker to determine where students are falling behind.

Help thy neighbor!  Quickly copy over a section to a new instructor or one considering teaching the class. Help them to get started on the right foot!

Stay Organized: Make folders for your assignments to organize them in a manner that makes sense to both you and your students. For example, you can organize them into units and one for the final exam.

Be responsive to students, but also let them know when your email blackout hours are.  Answer “Ask My Instructor” questions from your school email promptly… students notice!

Show Me the Resources: Don’t forget to click on the “Resources” tab that contains numerous learning and teaching resources, which includes PowerPoints, test generators, videos, and other unique assets.

Student Tips: Review past assignments or earlier attempts of current assignments by clicking on the assignment in the gradebook.  Students can practice specific problems without working the entire assignment. Review by clicking “See Report”: Explanation will work out the question they had on their assignment; Practice allows them to work a similar question.