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Unless you catch old episodes of Numbers, it isn’t easy to find a good binge-watch with a math spin. New to DVD and Blu Ray and still streaming is the first season of Genius, which focuses on the life of Albert Einstein. Episode one is directed by Ron Howard and the full season is 10 episodes in length.

The series begins with Einstein in 1930’s Germany contemplating a move to the US. He thinks back to his days at Zurich Polytechnic and his meeting of and eventual marriage to Mileva Maric. The early episodes set him up as the genius at physics but bumbler at relationships. He breaks an engagement to another woman, he and Mileva have a child out of wedlock, he later becomes estranged from his other children and Mileva and falls for his cousin, Elsa. There is plenty of family drama! Throughout the series we get to see his thought experiments related to specific and general relativity. His guilt over his part in the furthering of knowledge related to nuclear weapons is also a big plot point in later episodes. His often strained relationships with German scientists also play out throughout the series. The series is accessible to non-STEM viewers, but there are plenty of points where those with a knowledge of math and physics get an even better understanding of his theories and why he is an excellent candidate for the first season of a series on geniuses.

Season two is streaming now and features Picasso and season 3 is in the works focusing on Mary Shelley.