Math ProfessorWinding Down the Semester Tips:

  1. Next semester prep: It’s hard to believe that as one semester ends we are often full steam into preparation for the next.  Setting “due by” goals for the next semester can help manage time at the end of Fall and set you up for a successful start to Spring.
  2. Plan for innovation: Want to change your course but don’t have enough time between Fall and Spring for a full redesign?  Identify areas where you can introduce innovation during the Spring semester. Small changes can make an old course seem new again and give you ideas for the bigger change you might want to implement.
  3. Office organization: The end of the semester can be frenetic with multiple assignments to be graded, a sudden influx of students and the beginnings of preparation for the next semester. Taking a few minutes to organize now can help set the tone for an easy start the next semester.
  4. Out of Office dates – In the time between semesters, remember to set your out-of-office messaging.  This helps anxious former students and eager new students from sending multiple emails and gives you time to enjoy the break.