How many of us plan to write over the summer, get started, and then get distracted by other concerns? The cycle of intention, distraction, and frustration can be broken! 

Here are a few quick tips to help you focus and complete your writing this summer.

  • Try a writing workshop – While many summer workshops focus on creative writing, there are several that are open to all types of writers.  Find one for non-fiction writers, unless of course you are writing a math thriller!
  • Find a writing coach – Sometimes all we need is a little accountability. Having a writing coach that can give us weekly tasks can go a long way to helping us achieve our writing goals.
  • Join a local writers group – Joining a writers group gives you a support system to encourage you through procrastination and writer’s block, and can help you improve your writing with feedback. 
  • Get out of the house – Sometimes being at home is our worst enemy for writing with all the little distractions around us. Getting out to a coffee shop or co-working space a few times a week can be enough to keep us on the path to completion.
  • Use the “15 minutes a day” method – For years the advice to grad students on dissertation writing has been “write for 15 minutes a day” … small forward progress is better than no progress.  Set a timer and write, even if you only write a few sentences or jot down an outline, the daily practice will help set you up for success.
  • Bring fresh eyes and perspective to the table – Sometimes working too much on our writing can do more harm than good. If you find yourself staring at your draft more than typing, take a break for a few days. When you get back to your draft, you’ll see things you haven’t noticed before and feel re-energized.